Peel Season and the Importance of Post Care

Peel Season and the Importance of Post Care

The seasons are changing and with the approach of autumn and the upcoming holidays, peels become a popular aesthetic treatment.  It is important to understand what is happening when a chemical peel is performed and how using the appropriate post care for the days following the peel is vital to a successful outcome. 


A chemical peel is a controlled wound, created by the application of an acid applied topically to the skin.  Even though this is a controlled wound, the skin still goes through its stages of wound healing, in which one may experience heat, redness, itching, irritation, and of course, visible flaking or peeling of skin.


Supporting Skin Through the Trauma


Depending on the solution being used, the number of layers being applied, thickness of the skin and other factors, depends on the depth of the peel and the possible after-effects that may be experienced. 


Skin Rehab can help alleviate discomfort, itching and irritations that may be associated with a peel by comforting skin with ingredients like hydrocortisone, bisabol, aloe vera and mugwort extracts.  The primary focus is of course healing tissue and strengthening new skin cells that are stimulated during a peel.  We achieve this through our epidermal growth factors, of which we have four varieties to choose from.   Healing the skin is also achieved by incorporating chirally-corrected vitamin E, omega EFA’s and repairing amino acids into healing hydrators and moisturizers.


Skin Rehab Post Peel Absolutes!


You’ve received a peel and now you need home care, there are two absolute must-haves’ that everyone needs – a Skin Rehab cleanser, growth factor and a healing hydrator!


Skin Rehab Cleansers

  • Calming Milk Cleanse perfect for those with drier skin. Rich in nourishing goat milk and soothing rose flower water. 
  • Refreshing Gel Cleanse – great for blemish-prone, oilier skin. Contains a unique mineral, zeolite, to remove toxins and impurities from skin. 


Skin Rehab Growth Factors

  • Growth Factor Cream - a hydrating, nourishing cream perfect for those with drier, reactive skin.
  • Growth Factor Gel - lightweight, cooling, and ideal for those with blemish-prone, reactive, oilier skin.
  • Growth Factor Serum – a silky, warming, hydrating feel that leaves skin radiant.
  • Growth Factor Plus – loaded with additional skin-strengthening benefits from chondroitin and botanical extracts, that provides a cooling, soothing effect on skin.


Skin Rehab Healing Hydrators

  • Omega E Essence – is a blend of omegas and d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) offering hydration, healing and barrier support.
  • Omega 7 Complex – contains omegas and healing organic oils, providing superior hydration, restoring and repairing the barrier.
  • Therapy E Repair – is ultra-healing, rich in d-alpha tocopherol and refined, lightweight hydration.


Skin Rehab Discomfort Relief


Not everyone who receives a peel may experiencing itching, irritation, excessive dryness, and tightness in the skin, but those who do, we have a solution for you.


  • Calming Skin Gel – reduces redness, itching and irritation with soothing botanicals and 1% hydrocortisone.
  • Vital Wound Relief – provides a protective, healing barrier, reduces itching and inflammation.


How to Care for Skin After a Peel

  • Gently cleanse skin with Skin Rehab Cleanser, remove and pat skin dry, both AM and PM
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of Skin Rehab Growth Factor, gently massage into skin AM and PM
  • OPTIONAL – Apply 1-2 pumps of Healing Hydrator for drier skin, gently massage into skin AM and PM, as needed
  • If feeling itchy, irritated introduce Calming Skin Gel after cleansing skin; use no more 3 days in a row


Heal and restore your skin after a peel with our holistic apothecary of formulas!