Burns and Sunburns

Sunburns are an inflammatory response from excessive exposure to UV rays.  There are other burns like the ones caused from boiling water, hot stove, or a hot curling iron that also happen frequently at home, resulting in the same erythema (redness), heat and discomfort. 

Burn Relief is a MUST after these common types of burns.  Powerful oceanic ingredients including Thermus Thermophilus and Alteromonas Ferments are excellent at rapidly reducing heat, while soothing inflamed skin.  Apple Fruit stem cells assist in repairing damage to skin cells.  Burn Relief is great for the immediate relief.

Vital Wound Relief is an additional formulation that will continue to heal, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring!

As the burn is beginning to heal, introducing Growth Factor Plus and Vital Tissue Repair will take the skin to the next level in the trauma of a burn.  Remember there are different levels when it comes to burns so not every product is necessary in all cases. 

Caring for Sunburns and Burns

  • The goal is to reduce heat, discomfort and any swelling
  • Keep skin protected, hydrated and cooled
  • Prevent blisters from forming or breaking
  • Assist in tissue regeneration

Product Recommendations Sunburn

  • Calming Milk Cleanse
  • Burn Relief
  • HA2O Spritz

Product Recommendations Stove, Boiling Water

  • Calming Milk Cleanse as needed
  • Burn Relief (Day 1)
  • Vital Wound Relief (Day 2 and 3)
  • Growth Factor Plus and/or Vital Tissue Repair (Day 4 and beyond)

Burn Relief Replaces

  • Burn Jel, Burn Relief Spray, Alocane, Calendula Cream

Vital Wound Relief Replaces

  • Bacitracin, Neosporin, A+D First Aid Ointment

Growth Factor Plus and Vital Tissue Repair Replaces

  • Mederma, ScarAway