Scar Prevention

Injuries can result in scars if they are not quickly addressed and incorporate healthy, wound-healing ingredients.  There are common things like keeping a wound clean and protected that help reduce the risk of scarring.  Adding Skin Rehab’s Vital Tissue Repair is an excellent option to further promote healing and reduce the risk of scarring.

Vital Tissue Repair is a nutrient-rich serum containing high levels of D-Alpha Tocopherol, chirally-corrected vitamin E, to help boost the skin’s immunity, heal, and thicken tissue.  Pumpkin Seed Oil reinforces the structure of the skin, supporting collagen and elastin development.

Caring for Scar Prevention

  • Cleanse skin and reduce negative pathogens
  • Provide antiseptic support
  • Assist in tissue regeneration

Product Recommendations

  • Refreshing Gel Cleanse
  • Growth Factor Plus
  • Vital Tissue Repair

Growth Factor Plus and Vital Tissue Repair Replaces

  • Mederma, ScarAway