How to Treat Hyperpigmented Skin

How to Treat Hyperpigmented Skin

We all strive for bright, glowing, radiant skin, but unfortunately many of us battle some level of hyperpigmentation. It is not a skin type, rather a common condition brought on by many factors ranging from medications to sun exposure to hormonal changes and acne or trauma.

Hyperpigmentation can occur in any skin type – oily, dry, dark and light. Simply put, it is excessive stimulation of melanin in the skin that results in uneven, darkened skin tone. Excessive melanin production can occur from systemic (within the body) and extrinsic (outside) causes.

Luckily pigmented skin responds well to peels and lightening treatments. One protocol that works particularly well with most skins and provides an easy, quick approach to pigment reduction is The Melanin Lift.

The Road to Brighter Skin

There are several different types of pigment changes that occur in the skin, but this particular treatment focuses on hyperpigmentation. It works best for skin types with hyperpigmentation that fall under the Fitzpatrick I to Fitzpatrick IV classifications. Of course you will best be equipped to assess your clients needs, and I always recommend a patch test prior to any treatment.

Why does The Melanin Lift work well with hyperpigmented skin? It incorporates a number of natural and scientifically advanced ingredients that specifically address melanin issues, including:

  • Bellis Perennis Flower (Daisy Flower) – a gentle, natural brightener derived from daisies.
  • L-Arbutin – a natural plant-based derivative of hydroquinone (HQ) with tyrosinase abilities. Since it is typically more stable and less sensitizing than HQ it’s a great alternative for those with sensitivities.
  • Kojic Acid – derived from Japanese mushrooms, it works to effectively inhibit melanin synthesis.
  • L-Lactic Acid – this keratoyltic AHA has natural brightening abilities, works to smooth skin and improve texture.
  • Azelaic Acid – a grain- and yeast-derived compound, it helps normalize disordered cell growth, provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support, and helps effectively treat acne-related post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The formulas in this treatment utilize these ingredients as well as other brightening and skin-building ingredients. The prep begins with the Skin Brightening Cleanser, followed by the Brightening Scrub massaged into the skin. Fruit Acid Botanical is then applied to begin the regeneration process.

A 10% TCA/AHA follows to further breakdown dead surface cells, increase regeneration, soften fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve skin tone. The Melanin Suppressant further aids in suppressing melanin and provides support to minimize post-inflammatory hyperpigmenation. The treatment finishes with an application of the Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel to improve uneven pigmentation and produce radiant skin. The peptide action in the formula helps rebuild the skin.

The Results

Following the treatment clients can expect a more even skin tone, with discolorations significantly lightened, improved texture, smooth fine lines, and clearer more radiant skin.

Remember with any brightening program you will want to incorporate a growth factor and daily sunscreen. To learn more about The Melanin Lift, visit our Protocols page.